The Wonders 2016

for violin, cello, guitar and flute

Evocare II  – 2013

for piano, clarinet and flute
Dedicated to the Palisades Virtuoso Trio 


Evocare  – 2012                                                                                                   

for 4 hand piano and Tibetan bowls
Dedicated to Macale Duo, Milan Italy

Rigoletto’s Final Walk  – 2012                                                                             

 for soprano saxophone


The Other Garden  – for String Ensemble 2012
Dedicated to the Nabla Ensemble, Riccardoo Santoboni, conductor
Rome, Italy

Garden of Paradise for electronic tape and alto sax  2012
Sound Design by Linda Marcel and Patrice DeVincentis
Digital Art work and Video by Brian Van Korn

Meno Andante  for woodwinds and piano  2011                                        

 (Namasta Ensemble, No Borders, Perugia, Italy)


The Weeping 2011
For violin and electronic tape
Sound design by Linda Marcel and Patrice Devincentis

Resolutions 2010
Sound Design by Linda Marcel and Patrice Devincentis
Art design by Gregg Biermann 

Meno Andante for piano 2010
Navigating  the Charybdis for piano 2009
Wonder Waiting for piano and electronic tape 2010


Locus Hic Terribilis  electronic tape and clarinet 2010                                                                                  

Video art Design by Gregg Biermann

BRACA1 Reflections  for piano 2009

Genome  for violin, clarinet, bass and piano 2009

Saffron Intent   electronic tape 2008                                                                                          

For Sale 2007

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